Atomo de Helio “Physical chemistry studies the principles that govern the properties and behavior of chemical systems”
Physical chemistry can be divided into four main fields: thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and kinetics.

The study of chemical systems can be carried out at two levels: microscopic and macroscopic. At the microscopic level, we work with atoms and molecules, while the macroscopic level involves studying the properties of large amounts of matter.

thermodynamics studies matter from a macroscopic point of view, quantum mechanics from a microscopic point of view, and statistical mechanics has the mission of connecting both worlds.

Thermodynamics studies the equilibrium properties of a system, and the changes produced in these properties during a process.

Quantum mechanics studies atomic structure, bonding in molecules, and spectroscopy.

Statistical thermodynamics allows us to obtain macroscopic properties of a system from atomic or molecular properties.

Finally, kinetics studies the speed of chemical reactions, diffusion processes and the flow of charge in an electrochemical cell.